Psychics are persons with extra sensory perception that can tune into the energy of objects or people. They are able to pick up, read or sense things that most of the people have no idea about. They can sense elements of people’s future, present and past. They rely on their basic intuition and psychic ability and knowledge to gather various information about the person being read.

Most psychics specialize in a few methods where they excel. Some of the most common areas of expertise are Tarot reading (a form of cartomancy), palm reading, astrology, aura reading, cleromancy, distant readings or reading in runes. Some have even more developed abilities such as clairvoyance. They have visions and can describe the people or places that they’ve seen in those visions.

During a session, the psychic reader looks to tune in to you and the people who are close to you. In this way, the psychic can answer certain questions that you may have about your life and clarify doubts.

Some psychics use the technique called “cold reading” to determine details about a person. This happens when the reader has only a few information but it’s picking up on signals to find out accurate information about the person being read. The specialist asks questions about general topics and uses the answers to narrow information down to specifics.

Psychics have existed for ages. They have been also known as “fortune tellers”, “prophets” or even “spiritual healers”. Although the study of psychics is not really within mainstream scientific standards, its history goes back hundreds of years ago. In the modern era, psychics have the opportunity to take classes with reputable experts in the field, to expand their knowledge and develop their inner talent and abilities. The courses are meant to make the psychics more professional and to improve their existing career and life using intuition and psychic ability. Because an important part of a psychic’s reader is based on his or her inner intuition, psychics are always looking to enhance it and to connect better with the persons being read.

Psychics aim to “see” and sense the people they read and the circumstances in which they currency are or that happened in the past. Some psychics say that they feel what the person being read feels and that they can even see the upcoming events in that person’s life by stepping in and tuning to a very high level for the duration of the reading.

Beginning Psychic Self Awareness Classes

Tricia Griffith

Beaver Lake Nature Center 5.11.08 009Sometimes we reach a point in our life when we are searching for that “something more”, trying to figure out what exactly it is we are doing on our life path and what we could be doing differently. Maybe we just wish we could do something to make the world a little bit better place, understand the reasons why we feel the things we feel, or make a little more sense out of some of the mysteries around us.

This class series is designed to help you understand psychic awareness, develop and listen to your intuition, and learn the basics of metaphysics. As your guide along the way, Tricia offers more than 20 years of experiences in learning about and sharing intuition, psychic counseling, psychic readings, healing and more. It is her wish to help other people find their way, become more aware of themselves and the world around them…

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